Left Click - long range shot

Right Click - close range spray

WASD - movement

R - restart

   This game was created for the London Ontario Game Jam that took place on Jan 11  - 13  2019. The theme of the jam was mental health, specifically "healing is not linear".

  I wanted to express the butterfly/ripple effect that positive action and thinking can create. In this game you convert bad thoughts into positive ones, which sets off a chain reaction that beautifies the world. 


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Hey, I came to your page from your shooter demo in the Stay Safe jam. This game is very impressive to me: the mechanics are deeper than they seem at first and make for really interesting gameplay between dodging the enemies and shooting long distance to convert them while they're in the zones of light. Small things really help it stand out too: shooting a bullet and hearing and seeing a whole line of mushrooms spring to life is very satisfying. Super cool work.


Thank you :)


Awesome concept and well executed!

Thank you!